GMAT 2013 Exam, Preparation & Important Dates

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Get Info on GMAT 2013 Preparation & Important dates. Free GMAT Test Questions, Syllabus and information on top business schools, average GMAT score and GMAT preparation. You have completed your graduation and now looking for a course that will prepare you to excel in the competitive and ever demanding job market.

Pursuing an MBA from abroad can give you an edge. But to get yourself enrolled in a renowned US or UK university you will have to clear GMAT. Also check TOEFL Test

What is GMAT

GMAT or the Graduate Management Admission Test was created by business schools to measure the skills necessary for a graduate student to succeed in MBA programmes. It is a computer-adaptive standardised test in Maths and English to check your aptitude for business studies. Studies show that this test is the best indicator for success in such programs, and as a result about 4000 programmes in 1800 graduate schools around the world use this test for admission decisions. If you want to get into a Graduate Managerial Program, you need to score well in GMAT.

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Apply to Top MBA Colleges accepting GMAT

Apply to Top MBA Colleges across the world accepting GMAT Scores

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