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MBA without GMAT & GRE in top international colleges

by Manisha Verma

Top International MBA colleges that don't need GMAT & GRE Score

A low GRE or GMAT score hinder many students from pursuing a management degree. It is tough for working people to take out time from their schedule to prepare for these entrance exams. If we collectively look at the number of these people it will constitute a big chunk of MBA aspirants. The main advantages of online MBA are convenience and low fee. Many universities recognize such programs, the number of recruiters are growing rapidly who are happy to hire people who have done online courses.

Importance of GMAT and GRE scores

Business schools generally depend on GMAT score for shortlisting perspective candidates. A high score is usually enough to secure a seat in a prestigious institute. The renowned Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania) and Harvard Business School-the management courses of both schools are open only to people with a score of 700 and above.

The average score usually is around 600 - hence admission is not an impossible feat. The difficulty in securing seats stems from the sheer number of applications vying for each spot. The GRE is a more comprehensive test which covers a large amount of subject matter. However, almost all Ivy league colleges disregard GRE scores in favor of the GMAT.

International management institutes that do not require GMAT

There are some well known International Universities that admit students who have not taken GMAT exam. Most of the international universities offer 1 year full time MBA programs. There are some institutes such as:

1. Durham Business School (UK),

2. University of Edinburgh (UK),

3. University of Glasgow (UK),

4. University of Kent (UK)

5. Grenoble Ecole de Management in France,

6. TiasNimbas in Netherlands

7. University of Solvay in Belgium

Advantages of online MBA

There are various online MBA degrees which do not require GMAT or GRE scores back as a major requirement. This can lead to a bad course enrollment. In the case of good high enrollments, reputable online universities can rely back on test results.

Online MBA courses are more likely to exempt seasoned professional from taking GRE or GMAT exam. There are some MBA institutes which will admit students who have more than four years of work experience, without attempting GMAT or GRE exams.

Best online management program from USA

Both the Northeastern University and the Colorado State University offer AACSB accredited MBA courses. This is one of the most reputed and recognized authority. This is applicable for those applicants who have a verifiable mid or upper management level work history and high undergraduate GPA score.

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    i am looking for MBA colleges that do not require gmat/gre scores

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