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by Abhishek Jha

GMAT Punch of the Week

Every week, we come up with a set of challenging questions for all you GMAT aspirants. The idea is to make you attempt out of the box questions and think non linear - both of which, will come in handy during the GMAT! All you need to do is to visit the community page every week, where you'll find the latest problem set. Be the first one to crack the questions!

GMAT Quantitative Section:

To do really well on the GMAT Quant, you need to be both Fast and Furious. You can't let your concentration lax, since every second wasted is a point lost. The only mantra is to get your basics in place. Once you've mastered the basics, you can do anything!

GMAT AWA Section:

You can't score that 770 without doing really well on the Verbal section. There are a host of issues that will block your path, but with diligence, you can overcome all of them!

Vital GMAT Information:

Where is the GMAT conducted? Are the questions repeated? How much does it cost? How many times do I take it? Relax Young Skywalker. Just read on, and the Force will be with you!


Just a few bits, that you can't afford to ignore. Don't forget to practice on the GMAT Question Bank.

GMAT Verbal Section:

You don't have to be Shakespeare to get a good GMAT score. Not convinced? Try these lessons out and you'll agree.

WOW (Word of the Week)

Learn words in a new and interactive way! Watch the video and learn a funny way to remember obscure words!

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